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McHale Performance is at the forefront of performance testing and analysis.  Our performance analysis tools, procedures, and reports are proven to provide concise and conclusive results that are accepted by parties of a test with confidence.  Determine if your plant and equipment meets specifications with innovative performance solutions from McHale Performance.

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McHale Measurement provides measurement solutions based on your specific needs.  No matter the industry, we will provide best in class measurement services to help you achieve your goals.  Our services range from simple instrument rental/calibration to full on-site measurement services and consultations

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McHale Environmental provides emission testing programs designed to meet each client’s particular needs with experienced and professional emissions measurement teams overseen by a staff with over 25 years of experience in the source testing industry, including both domestic and international testing projects. The McHale team consists of engineers and technicians, dedicated to providing our clients with accurate and precise test results.

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McHale Renewables is actively involved in renewable energy projects throughout the world.  The renewable energy market is continuing to grow and evolve and as such McHale Performance is adapting to coincide with new technology and aid our customers by providing them with valued services to aid in getting the best out of their progressive investments.

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