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McHale Performance is at the forefront of performance testing and analysis. Our performance analysis tools, procedures, and reports are proven to provide concise and conclusive results that are accepted by parties of a test with confidence. Determine if your plant and equipment meets specifications with innovative performance solutions from McHale Performance.

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Achieve cost-effective solutions and improve your plant’s operation, performance, and return on investment using creative solutions provided by McHale Performance’s professional and experience-based improvement services

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McHale Performance Suites provides results that are accurate and defensible. The defensibility of the calculations and test results is a core competency involved in multiple party performance testing. Results are routinely challenged because of the significant awards and liquidated damages associated with performance guarantees

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When you need advice you can trust, call upon the expertise of McHale Performance principals and staff. We know firsthand the challenges you face in management, start-up, and operations, design, and control that enable us to recognize and resolve problems with the confidence only experience brings. Allow your staff to benefit from our real world results proven know-how.

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Give your engineers, operators, traders, and managers the enhanced heat rate, operations, and performance skills they need through McHale Performance training seminars. Allow your staff to benefit from our know-how through customized training focused on the issues important to you.

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