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McHale’s comprehensive AQCS portfolio entails decades of expertise,  plant performance testing & optimization for improving water, sorbent, catalysts, and power cost efficiencies, reducing emissions, and optimizing waste heat recovery in plants.

With COAL generation, McHale has continually proven our value as trusted advisors to our clients by identifying plant performance improvements that lead to increased efficiencies, reduced in emissions, improved availability, maximized reliability, and greater fuel flexibility.

NATURAL GAS has demonstrated itself a key contributor to the power market.  As the leading provider of power generating performance solutions, McHale provides engineering, consulting, and testing services to help your organization achieve the highest levels of availability, capacity, and efficiency.

The OIL & GAS industry clearly does not lend itself to a one-size-fits-all approach to project performance assessment solutions.  Having a trusted advisor with a full portfolio of flexible services and a wide range of experience to provide high confidence testing and advisory solutions.

Ensuring the performance of your BIOFUEL fired power producing assets and for quantifying the optimum achievable efficiency of production processes and facilities.

Optimizing GEOTHERMAL performance over the projected economic life of the plant is a fundamental contributor to the project performance … and McHale can assist with all your needs.

Whether rehabilitating existing units, a desire to optimize performance, to benchmark current status or procuring new HYDROELECTRIC turbine, McHale will provide you solutions.

With an overwhelming push for green renewable SOLAR energy in the power market, having an advisor that can clearly define performance risk and provide appropriate testing methods to mitigate those risks are essential.

WIND farm owners deserve to have confidence in the performance of their wind turbine assets.  The McHale Renewables experienced team will work with you as trusted advisors to ensure that your testing is planned and carried out efficiently.


NUCLEAR thermal and plant performance testing, functional & pre-operational testing, plant start-up support, extended power uprates, and refueling outage support, nuclear plant procedure development, preparation and review, including operating, maintenance, engineering, licensing, quality assurance, and E-Plan procedures.

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