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McHale Environmental provides clients real time monitoring support for tuning and optimizing emissions sources. We are experienced with many types of turbines, boilers and other sources. We perform turbine start-up activities, tuning, and CEMS RATA, Compliance and Guarantee Tests, and the pre and post shutdowns. We test for compounds on a real time basis using continuous analyzers, allowing us to tune the source quickly and efficiently, thus saving the client time and money. We are experienced with most control device and therefore can save the client tuning time. We provide emissions testing support for optimizing pollution control devices, such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) units, thermal oxidizers, catalysts, scrubbers, ESP units, PJFF units, and other pollution control devices. We are able to sample inlet and outlet simultaneously to provide determinations for efficiency and reduction. Our results are accurate for developing the control device operating curves. We perform parametric tests for developing air/fuel ratios for IC engines.

Sources Tested

McHale Environmental has experience testing most sources on the market. We have tested coal-fired boilers at multiple locations, to support tuning the SCR, air heater, and determine compliance. We are adept testing turbines both simple and combined cycle on multiple fuels along with the associated ancillary equipment such as the auxiliary boiler, fuel heater and emergency generator. Our team has performed test campaigns for waste, wood, hog fueled, hospital and hazardous waste boilers and incinerators. With our experience and process knowledge we are able to adapt to the different testing scenarios for each of these sources.

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