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We help power plant owners & operators that are frustrated with performance issues.

Like many companies owning and operating power plants, your company may have seen a dramatic shift from operations and maintenance excellence to just keeping the plant running with minimal staff. Availability is the major focus and performance is often way down the list of priorities. Many plant owners and operators struggle with performance issues because of time or manpower limitations.

Some statements we’ve heard from our clients may sound familiar:

We know that there are issues with plant or component performance … we’d like to improve our plant’s performance but I don’t have the time or manpower to investigate.

We’ve run the plant for years without major problems. How much is this costing me?

If you’re like many power plant owners and operators, just keeping the plant running is what you concentrate on. Performance is at the bottom of the list. As we all know, increased performance leads to increased profit.

How do you improve performance?

Regaining control of plant performance is a seven-step process

  1. Audit the facility to find common areas of performance improvement
  2. Assess plant operation to identify the biggest performance issues
  3. Estimate the cost to improve each substandard area
  4. Select the best return for your investment
  5. Develop an improvement plan
  6. Implement changes or equipment maintenance
  7. Verify improvement.

Understanding where performance is slipping and developing solutions may improve efficiency by 1% to 5%. Attention to performance would save fuel costs, reduce emissions, improve availability, increase capacity and increase profit.

Knowing your plant’s performance can also detect critical component issues before they lead to a major outage.

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