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McHale’s Measurement Services knows the need for quick turn-around and highly accurate measurement solutions.  Whether your job requires quick troubleshooting and diagnostics or technically and carefully planned out test measurements, we can provide the response and expertise.

A sample of on-site services is provided below:

  • Flow Measurement
    • We have several liquid and air/gas flow measurement solutions such as
      • Pitots
      • 3D Probes
      • Annubars
      • Anemometers
      • High Accuracy Pressure and Temperature instruments for existing differential flow devices
      • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters for both Liquid and Gas
      • Dye Dilution for both open and closed water applications
  • Steam Calorimeter for Steam Quality Dryness Fraction
  • Natural Gas Sampling and On-Site Gas Chromatography
  • Coal Fineness and Fly Ash LOI (Loss of Ignition)
  • Flue gas sampling and Analysis
    • Isokinetic and High Volume Fly Ash Sampling
    • HVT (High Velocity and Temperature) probe
    • Custom fabricated probes
    • O2, CO, CO2, and NOx analyzers
    • Portable Emissions Analyzers for quick response and diagnostics
  • Pressure, Temperature, Ambient conditions, Power Output, and Auxiliary Power
  • Custom measurement solution to meet your requirements


Mobile Calibration Analysis Performance

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