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McHale Performance team members bring a combination of extensive energy experience, analytical skill, best practice, and practical knowhow from various demanding industry sectors such as thermal power, process, aviation, startup, marine/offshore, and nuclear.  Our clients benefit by having a trusted advisor, supported by a team of multi-disciplinary highly experienced specialists, that will ensure that potential challenges and issues can be avoided though all the stages of a project.  We know firsthand the challenges faced in management, concept, design, construction, start-up, operations, and turn-over.  This enables us to provide valued advice to our clients with the confidence experience brings.


Because your project is too important to trust to just anyone, finding an advisor you can trust to always protect your best interests is key to success.  With so many millions on the line, along with your reputation, McHale Performance understand how important it is to operate as an extension of your organization. We clearly communicate the best options available for optimizing the performance of your plant or project. We endeavor to provide the most technically sound and financially beneficial solutions possible to our clients. By working in close partnership, we provide you with the technical tools and practical experience to aid in the management of your project that will promote who you are as an organization.  We will provide you with a seasoned team of practical real world technical expertise that will be dedicated in helping ensure your and your project’s success.

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Our goal is to provide your company with cost-effective, safe, profitable, and highly successful feasibility studies and conceptual design solutions that specify, evaluate, develop and check the implementation of the engineering concepts, state-of-the-art technology, supply contracts, installation, commissioning and operation of the prime movers, along with balance of plant. We are dedicated on confirming that the solutions we provide are robust and suited to the project goals through each stage of development.

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McHale Performance expert witness services for the power and energy industries is leveraged off of our unique combination of experienced staff, track record of testing over 200,000 MW’s of capacity, and leadership in the ASME Performance Test Codes.  We can effectively evaluate contractual, technical, and practical matters to prepare the expert opinion and strategy needed during litigation and/or arbitration.  Our expertise and professionalism allows us to offer an accurate, understandable, and objective perspective for your use during arbitrations and other legal proceedings. Our team members understand and have the ability to interpret complex commercial contracts involving multifaceted transactions. We can provide professional opinions, strategies, analysis, and/or testimony that will bring credibility to your legal position.

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